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Scientific Journals International (SJI)

SJI invites you to join its Editorial Review Board


Scientific Journals International (SJI)

SJI invites you to join its Editorial Review Board

Terça-feira, 18 de Dezembro de 2007

Dear Colleague,

SJI has assembled the most prestigious and extensive Editorial and
Advisory Board in the world, representing scholars from Yale, Oxford,Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, Columbia and hundreds of universities from around the world (link).
SJI publishes peer-reviewed open-access journals for all disciplines and maintains a rapid turnaround from submission to publication, averaging 30 days. SJI mission is to give every researcher, writer or artist a fair consideration to be published. Our goal is also to provide immediate, world-wide, open access to the full text of
research articles and creative works.

The academic, creative and scientific developments depend on the effective, rapid and efficient dissemination of information and ideas from all disciplines and at all levels. This revolutionary project is an attempt to provide a one-stop efficient forum for publishing research and creative work from all disciplines. There is no other journal in the world that aims to have this scope. This initiative is driven by an overriding passion to assist researchers, writers and artists to cope with the "publish or perish" reality in the academia.
According to several surveys, a large majority of authors and researchers cite slow review process and publication delays in the current system as a major obstacle to their publishing objectives.

Many have also expressed concerns about the fairness and integrity of the peer review process in traditional scholarly publishing. Some scholars have argued that there is a need to liberate the publication process for broader and fairer access. Scientific Journals International (SJI) is the first global initiative to accomplish this objective. We sincerely believe that researchers, writers and artists who have devoted months or years to a research/creative project, should not be shut out of the publication world simply because they did not follow certain procedural or stylistic rules or because their work did not fit in. All traditional journals have very rigid stylistic or procedural policies that unduly create artificial barriers and in effect retard innovation and creativity. Scientific Journals International (SJI) deliberately maintains minimal procedural and stylistic rules, and accepts papers that follow any style manual such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. A fair peer-reviewed evaluation system is used to select papers for publication.

If you are interested in serving on our volunteer Editorial Review Board, please complete and submit the form at link. If you have a colleague who may enjoy serving on our Review Board, please forward our Web site address to him or her. Manuscript submission guidelines for all journals can be found at link Current issues can be found at link.

Neil A. Anderson, Ph. D.
Scientific Journals International (SJI)


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